About Me

Relaxing in my favourite place ...Introducing Lara …

Briefly …

Lara lives in the Hills of Perth, Western Australia

She’s 40-something

A Creative maven

As well as a full-time mum …

who’s interested in heart-centred healing

With a boundless passion for creativity

that she wants to share with you …

I have been described several times recently as a hippy – for what reason I cannot tell – perhaps it’s my love of purple clothes and red shoes!

What I can tell you though is that I love life and all its imperfections and that my main outlet for expression is making things by hand, which I have done since I was a very little girl.  Whether it be painting, sewing, crochet, knitting felting, cooking or journaling, I’m always happiest when creating something.

I live and create next to a beautiful and wild forest in Western Australia, accompanied in my meanderings by my lovely and patient husband (it’s not easy being married to someone with an artistic temperament!), 3 delightful children, 2 of whom are stretching their wings and leaving the nest, one very fluffy dog and a rabbit with attitude.  It’s heaven :)

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